Five Value Propositions Of The Best Golf Cart

What do you look for in a winning golf cart design?

We feel like we have a pretty good checklist of some of the best features and capabilities of golf cart models that you’ll love to drive for the long term, along with some of the best guarantees and support for these versatile small vehicles.

Long-Term Warranties

You always want to look for a warranty on key parts and systems. Many of our golf carts come with a five year warranty on core parts that you can rely on as you maintain your golf cart and look at total cost of ownership.

OEM Powertrain Parts

Manufacturer-grade parts are important in any vehicle industry. They’re important for golf carts, too. 

Check to see if your cards are made and serviced with OEM factory direct parts or cheap aftermarket alternatives.


Here’s where you get some of the luxury of a top-tier golf cart. If you’re going to be riding around in these for hours, you want something that’s comfortable and classy.

Some of the best features involve folding armrests and cupholders, as well as well-padded upholstery and good-looking interior seating and trim.

Paint and Style Options

You can also get some of the best golf carts decked out in your favorite tone and shade of color. Also look at the trim and external frame components to see if your cart looks like it was put together solidly or slapped together in an inferior way.

Nice Rims

Along with the quality of wheels and tires, you’ll also want to consider having custom rims on a golf cart. These can make your humdrum vehicle look like a million bucks! Think about how these kinds of things optimize your purchase and help you to get more out of what you are buying. 

Gas Versus Electric Golf Carts

Here, you have a big choice to make.

Even the gas-powered carts aren’t the loud, smelly engines that they used to be. But now you have a choice to go with conventional combustion engine or a lithium ion battery powered motor that eliminates the fumes and carbon emissions of the traditional vehicle.

Consider your use – what kinds of grades you’ll be wanting to drive, and mileage and everything else, and then decide whether you want a conventional gasoline or electric golf cart option.

Through it all, we’re here for you with the models that you’ll love and the support that you need when purchasing this kind of larger item. Our track record with customer service and our commitment to success is evident in everything that we do and in the catalog of golf cart designs that we offer. Get connected to a company that cares, and a shop that knows its stuff when it comes to this type of asset. 

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