Cart Experts

They call us the “cartiologists.” Yes, you read that right. 

Why do they call us that? Well, it has to do with our track record evaluating and fixing different kinds of golf carts.

Yes, we sell a lot, too, but we also offer parts and service, as you can see on the landing page. We are often on call to look at issues with golf carts and figure out what’s wrong with them in order to keep things humming along smoothly for someone who has purchased one of these versatile vehicles.

First Steps

When the “cartiologists” arrive, one of the first things we’ll do is look for simple issues like large pieces of material stuck in the wheel wells.

After all, if your wheels can’t move, that’s a problem. Some of these environmental issues or simple basic fixes don’t take a lot of time, and sometimes that’s all you need to get your cart running well and taking you wherever you want to go…

Some of these issues involve diagnostics like checking the underside of the cart, watching what happens when you turn the vehicle on, or observing the tires and wheels.

Combustion Vehicles

If yours is a Yamaha gas golf cart, we’ll be looking at all of the sophisticated gear that makes the engine go. That includes the engine itself, as well as a range of accessories and other parts under the hood.

In some ways, this isn’t all that different from what a car mechanic does. We work with a detailed knowledge of diagnostics and specifications for these internal combustion vehicles.

Electric Golf Carts

Other carts operate with electric motors, which makes some of the repair and evaluation more straightforward. But you can still have issues with the lithium batteries that power the vehicle and other kinds of situations where connections or cable issues can cause problems.

Again, troubleshooting has to do with knowing the details of the manual and applying those in practice.

Manuals Online

We also have an online manual lookup service on the website as part of our comprehensive assistance for golf cart owners. Look up the manual by your cart’s make and model to start getting an idea of what might be getting in the way of your intended trip on your golf cart.

These really are versatile vehicles, at the end of the day, and properly maintained, they can take you all over your property or beyond – offering exceptional convenience and a lower carbon footprint in larger vehicles.

It just takes some acumen and a keen eye for repair issues with the above types of resources.

So if something happens, or you have a question – call the “cartiologists!” And keep any warranty information handy. We’ll be the golf cart specialists that you can count on. 

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