Signs Your Golf Cart Needs Repairs

Golf carts are a common sight on golf courses; however, they are becoming increasingly popular for business owners and property owners who want a convenient way to get from place to place. 

While these vehicles are becoming more popular, it doesn’t mean that they are infallible. At some point, you may experience issues with your golf carts. Get to know some of the signs of a problem here. 

Troubleshooting the Battery

If you have an electric golf cart, the battery is often the cause of your issues. If you try to start your golf cart and nothing happens, then this is the first place you should check. 

You can use a voltmeter to determine if the battery is depleted and how dead it is. You may have a golf cart that uses electricity even when it is turned off. If you wait too long to charge your golf cart, the battery may not have the voltage needed to start. 

As a battery gets older, it will use efficiency too. You should consider this if you purchased the cart or have owned it for several years. If you plan to purchase a used golf cart, it is a good idea to ask about the age of the battery to know what to expect. 

Motor or Ignition Issues

If you have cleaned and changed the battery and are still dealing with issues, the next step is to look at the motor. Sometimes, it is as simple as pressing the cart’s reset button. You can use a screwdriver to see the motor and look for a red button. It should be close to the main power supply. 

Press the button and put the cart back together before you try to charge it. Usually, this is going to solve the issue. 

If this does not fix the problem, remove the battery and install a fully charged one. If nothing still happens, then the issue is probably that the motor is burned out. 

Issues with the Solenoid

If you don’t know what a solenoid is, it is a coil of wire that works as an electromagnet. These are typically used to power a switch, such as a starter on a golf cart. 

Like the car’s starter, you will hear a clicking sound when you turn the key. This is how the solenoid provides the motor with the power needed to move the cart. 

If you try to start your golf cart but don’t hear the clicking sound, there is probably an issue with the solenoid. While it may be simple, like a broken coil or loose wire, it can also be more serious, such as corrosion. 

Invest in Repairs 

If you try the troubleshooting tips listed here and your golf cart still isn’t working, it is probably time to see professional repairs. The professionals can inspect the issue and ensure that you get the proper fixes to get your golf cart running again. Don’t wait to seek repairs, as the problem will only get worse.

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