The Real Value of a Warranty

At Village Discount Golf Car, we are the place to go for modern Yamaha golf cars. We have gas and electric models for local transportation solutions that work for you.

These types of small vehicles are very popular these days. Golf cars are commonly used to get around public areas like:

· Campgrounds

· Parks

· Theme parks or amusement parks

· Golf courses

· Historic areas

In addition, they’re widely used on private properties as well. Any property of any significant size represents a challenge in getting around without one of these versatile vehicles. The golf car blends rugged durability and safety in ways other vehicles may not. It’s a standard for all-ages local transport and a better experience outdoors. 

So let’s talk about what happens when you purchase a warranty on one of these small golf car models.

Electing a Warranty

In getting a warranty for a golf car, it’s important to read the whole thing carefully.

The warranty may have certain types of coverage restricted to parts or systems or various endorsements or riders that the buyer must understand. Some may have to do with: 

· Time to cover belts and drives

· Specialized coverages on drivetrains and engines

· Battery coverage

· Coverage for features and electrical systems

Knowing more about the warranty contract you have selected prevents some unpleasant surprises down the road. 

When it Gets Real

When you really need to use a warranty, though, it is when you have a problem with the golf car after purchase. This kind of scenario can be hard to predict. After it happens, there’s the difficult process of digging back into the warranty details to figure everything out. 

Something happens, and you must bring the golf car into a shop. That’s when you start researching what you can get out of warranty coverage and how to practically use that to fund your repairs. You might need a calculator! In other words, like other vehicles, golf cars have some pretty complex builds, which can be a factor in utilizing your warranty coverage. 

How to Do It Right

At Village Discount Golf Car, we offer practical and legitimate warranties on golf cars, our core product. We do both sales and service, so we know how these vehicles work. Why would you buy from someone not used to actively working on these vehicles to keep them in great condition? 

In the end, where you go for a warranty is critically important. Talk to us about the ins and outs of Yamaha gas and electric models to get the kind of thought leadership you crave from a vendor who cares. In the long run, you’ll have more peace of mind about your purchase and get more out of your golf car. 

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