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Superior to the Factory Warranty!

5 Year Warranty

Parts & Service

Gas Vs. EV Lithium



Gas golf carts have been around since the 1950’s, and are no longer the loud, smelly version that they once were. The Yamaha Quiettech that we proudly recondition undergoes a lengthy quality inspection, new paint, upholstery, windshield, enclosure, wheels and tires, headlights/taillights, and a 5 year warranty with discounted service and parts to year 10! Gas carts offer the most range- on a single tank of gas, over 200 miles!



Lithium battery technology has made electric carts more feasible for long range applications. Golf cart batteries used to require constant maintenance, long charging times, short range, and weigh up to 400 pounds! Now, lithium battery technology is the answer. Incredible performance, near zero maintenance, longer life, shorter charging times, and clean, quiet power. You can expect a lithium powered cart to get up to 80 miles of range, but it is based on the aH (amp hour) rating of the battery. We offer up to 180aH in our Evolution line and 210aH in their new D3!



Amazing sales team!! Great working with Mac Mcclelland!! Very informative and helpful!! Looking forward to our new golf cart!!

Tom Gintry

Would Highly Recommend!

Susan was awesome! We ordered our Golf Car out of state before moving to The Villages. Customer service and vehicle quality exceeded our expectations.

Bob and Christie

Very Professional

We recently purchased a rebuilt 2018 Yamaha, Susan Pizzuti was was very professional and knowledge in every aspect of the golf cart. She was delightful to work with.