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5 Year Warranty

on all carts

Build Your Dream
Yamaha Golf Car

Get all of the proprietary engineering of the Yamaha brand with stylish and modern conveniences!

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Evolution Classic

Long-Range Lithium Power

Enjoy the Quiet, Comfort
and Convenience of EV

Utilize long-range lithium battery power and quiet operation for localized transit.

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It’s Our Trade-In and Trade-Up Event!

WOW!!! $1,500 OFF!!

Summer’s heat is just around the corner and to celebrate the Memorial Weekend, Village Discount Golf Car is having one incredible sale! Now until the last day of May, all high-quality remanufactured Yamaha QuieTech carts are reduced to an amazing savings of $1500.00 OFF!!! Hurry in to any one of our 3 locations for the best selections and inventory! Located in Coleman (Down by Fenney). Up on Highway 441 in Summerfield (next to Spanish Springs) and along Hwy 466, in The Village’s/Lady Lake. ( just east of Morse Blvd.

Got a moment? Take a quick spin around our inventory to see what’s out there? Click on this link below to learn more! https://villagediscountgolfcars.com/inventory/?sort=sort-by-price-lowest

Considering a new cart?

From now until the end of May, you can also trade-up with your current golf cart!

Test drive the quiet, comfortand & convenience of EV, from our extensive selection of cars (both new and used) at any of our 3 locations! Take advantage of the great inventory or simply trade in your current cart for cash! (payment will be received within 24 hours or less, M-F).

VDGC has the discount pricing and 5-Year Warranty you’ve been wishing for! Financing as low as 0% to qualified buyers!

In business and providing great service since 2012, Village Discount Golf Car has some of the finest Tomberlin, Atlas, Yamaha gas cars and Evolution lithium battery powered vehicles in the state of Florida! Chat with our no pressure sales team about all of the stylish options for getting around comfortably in any one of our igolf car designs!


Yamaha Drive

Here’s where you really get to dig into the details of the Yamaha engineering that powers these modern cars. That starts with OEM parts and a five year warranty for peace of mind.

You can also choose from over 400 color options, and customize style choices for your fabric and enclosure features.

Take a look at features like vented windshield, garage floor protector, premium seats with folding armrests, specialized LEDs for side mirrors and safety strips.

Get six months free off of 24-hour Car Club roadside assistance.

All of this adds to the comfort and convenience you get out of your Yamaha drive design.

  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Genuine OEM Powertrain Parts
  • Premium Custom Seats w/ Folding Armrest
  • Over 400 Paint Color Options
  • VDGC is Proud to Offer Remanufactured Yamaha® Golf Carts
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Superior to the Factory Warranty!

5 Year Warranty

Parts & Service

Gas Vs. EV Lithium



Gas golf carts have been around since the 1950’s, and are no longer the loud, smelly version that they once were. The Yamaha Quiettech that we proudly recondition undergoes a lengthy quality inspection, new paint, upholstery, windshield, enclosure, wheels and tires, headlights/taillights, and a 5 year warranty with discounted service and parts to year 10! Gas carts offer the most range- on a single tank of gas, over 200 miles!



Lithium battery technology has made electric carts more feasible for long range applications. Golf cart batteries used to require constant maintenance, long charging times, short range, and weigh up to 400 pounds! Now, lithium battery technology is the answer. Incredible performance, near zero maintenance, longer life, shorter charging times, and clean, quiet power. You can expect a lithium powered cart to get up to 80 miles of range, but it is based on the aH (amp hour) rating of the battery. We offer up to 180aH in our Evolution line and 210aH in their new D3!

On the lot

Here’s some of what we have on the lot right now to entice new golf car owners:

There is the Yamaha EFI Quiettech two-seat model with a 200 mile range and moonstone body design.

We also have other colors for the same model like bright blue pearl, with the same five year warranty and other great features.

All is that all of this gives you a lot of choice in shopping for your next new golf car.


As you’re shopping, don’t forget to take a visit to the reviews page to see what satisfied customers have said about our company in the past.

Here’s where the rubber meets the road – where you can see real testimony about how great it is to own one of these gas or electric vehicles, with the confidence of a good warranty and good customer support!

Could Not Have Been Easier!

Our buying experience could not have been easier. A large inventory, good price for a well made cart, excellent warranty and a good trade in price. Thanks!

Bill Freedman

Would Highly Recommend!

Susan was awesome! We ordered our Golf Car out of state before moving to The Villages. Customer service and vehicle quality exceeded our expectations.

Bob and Christie

No Pressure!

Super friendly! Extremely knowledgeable:-) No pressure!!!! What a great experience! And Yes, we ordered a new golf cart! Yay!

Mary Shanahan

We Don’t Hesitate To Recommend!

We just took delivery of our Yamaha and from start to finish our experience with Village Discount Golf Car couldn’t be better!

John Harper

Awesome Purchasing Experience!

We had an awesome purchasing experience with Susan at the 301 location in Coleman. Susan was super informative and very low pressure. She made sure we got every detail that we wanted!

Connie Bascius

Great Experience!

We had a great experience with Bob and were impressed with the golf cars from which to choose. We can’t wait to take delivery of our Yamaha quietech later this week!

Joyce Heward